Fertility Massage

Massage and therapy for fertility enhancement.

Massage and therapy for fertility enhancement.

Common Fertility Massage Treatments

  • Re-centering the uterus – Once the uterus is in its optimal position, there is improved hemo-dynamics and homeostasis to support and enhance fertility
  • Rebalancing your hormonal system
  • Detoxing your body, especially your liver
  • Massages, diet and lifestyle modifications, herbal therapies

Whether you are planning on having a baby in the next years or have tried to conceive naturally for a while or are planning for an IUI or IVF, Maya Abdominal Therapy can help you.

For her, we’ll center, cleanse then nourish your uterus to make it a welcoming and healthy nest for the fertilized eggs to hatch and grow. We will show you how to massage your uterus, to use Castor Oil packs, to enjoy uterine steam baths.

For him, great news, you have an opportunity to shine here. Did you know that healthy sperm is more important than the eggs for conception? Receiving Maya Abdominal Massage will bring fresh blood and oxygen to your pelvic area, and will aid in the drainage and nourishment of the prostate to improve overall sperm health.

Including both partners in this process can really increase fertility!